Rate My Responder

A Public Relations Application for Law Enforcement Agencies

RMR is a cloud based software service that enables your agency to gather feedback from the citizens that your employees are reaching to ensure that you are providing the most professional service to your community.

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“Rate My Responder is the most important community relations tool that has ever been created. It is a game changer for the profession and the need for RMR is now.”Law Officer Magazine

Your Frequently Asked Questions

We are committing to providing your agency accurate feedback and we can only do that if we touch an actual customer of your agency. Law enforcement has suffered from far too many that critique that haven’t even had contact with law enforcement. Rate My Responder (RMR) touches just the citizen that your agency came into contact with and their survey can only be completed one time.
Every business that relies on customer service deals with this same issue and law enforcement is not any different. Even the most popular businesses in a community will at times receive a negative review but consistency is the key. As you gather surveys from ALL of your customers, a pattern will emerge and it has been our experience that the end result is a very positive review of police departments. Until now, those that complained had a strong voice. RMR gives everyone the same voice.
While the laws in each state are different, the survey information that you receive from RMR is considered personnel information. If you are not required to submit personnel evaluations when requested by the media, you are likely not bound to submitting this information. You will want to check with your legal advisors and if you need help researching your state, our team can help.
By default RMR comes with set questions that we have tested and recommend that each agency use. We do provide you the ability to add questions within the software and if you need help just call our help line and we can assist you.
We believe RMR can bring law enforcement and the community together in a way that has never been done before and we are committed to enabling your agency to succeed in this area. Your community including your businesses will see the tremendous benefit and we can help you reach out to them in an effort to help you purchase an RMR License.
We are partnering with some of the foremost experts in this area and part of your annual subscription will be training opportunities for your agency and employees. From webinars to articles to an on-site user conference, your agency will have plenty of opportunity to embrace the “customer service” model of RMR.
All of your customer and officer data is encrypted behind and runs through and SSL. (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.
We designed this product to empower everyone in the organization to use in an effort to constantly improve. While it is up to the agency, we give the individual employee the ability to review the surveys on them in real time. Squad Supervisors have the ability to look at the survey data on their employees and entire agencies can strive to be four or five star agencies. This is a powerful tool that empowers everyone in the organization.